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Old 03-06-2017, 09:22 PM   #1
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OTTB Throws herself sideways when riding

I ha e a rescue that I've been working with 6 months and about to give up on her as a performance horse.

I'm trying to figure out if its mental or physical probably in her case both.

She will not go straight! When going down long side of arena she literally thows herself sideways ams side passes all the way down. Same at canter. I've worked a lot of bugs out. Sometimes she'll go good the when she gets nervous does the side pas its a very abruot action.

She comps the bit, has her head craneed hiht and avoids contact and collection. It's like riding a pogo stick!/ whiplash!

I feel she is not using her hind but she has plenty of muscle now after 6 mos of full tr work, lots of circles etc. I feel her hind end has a problem.

I recently checked her SI joints a d she was standing with herhind leg cocked out so obvious like she was trying to she me she Hurts. I pressed her SI joints and she sucked under so definitely a problem there.

I noticed she also has an old injury on her side and alone upper half of haunch. Looks like she may have slid I to a fence and got cit pretty deep into the muscle as I can still see an indent.

No history on the horse other than she raced a fee time and won I'm wondering why they retired her if she was winning unless she got hurt? Or I guess something could've happened to owner.

She knows her leads and she will even jump now and shes very scopey.but when you try to go down a straight line of fences she plows through like a bat out of hell. Never refuses or turns out.

She has problems circling at the canter she drops into a canter sometimes or she will swing her but around and not bring her legs up under her.

I can feel her try bit she just looses it. She doesn't do any of this on trail. Shes quiet and relaxed.

My vet always said most if the time its behavioral and that's been my experience too but I definitely feel something not right I'm back.

I've riddem her bareback and she still does same so its not tack.

I'm just wondering if hind problems could cause her to flinh herself sideways or if its a mental reaction to some traumatic event.

I'm having chiropractor come out

I've been retraining track horses for years and never seen anything like this one. It's not the normal nose to the rail but out track horse stuff. This is different.

Anyone have a horse do this before?

Sorry this so long but wanted to get as much info in as possible. Shes a really nice mare but....
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Old 04-14-2017, 09:55 PM   #2
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so did you figure out what was going on with your mare?
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Old 04-23-2017, 06:21 AM   #3
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I have an older gelding who has issues on the hind end ... lots of arthritis, some ringbone. He's actually retired from riding now. But in the last couple of years of riding, he would be fine many days, but on some he would throw himself sideways. I always interpreted it as "protecting himself," meaning there was a physical reason for it.

I hate to say it, but perhaps the best way to determine how much is to have a vet try to eliminate the pain with drugs and see what changes. Sounds like the location may not warrant a standard "blocking" approach (start low, keep going higher), but something more general.

But be forewarned if you go that route, her response may not be to just plain go straight like you want, but to go completely batty with joy over the removal of pain.
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