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Old 01-10-2017, 06:41 AM   #1
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2017 Life Updates

*looks around at the dust*

*wipes off a seat at the bar*

So ... what all are you up to in the new year 2017?

I'll go first, and try to keep it kinda short. I know, that's so not like me.

I'm still in the honeymoon phase of "new lease on life" after being sick in 2015 and going thru a couple of surgeries. So I'm trying to do as many things as I can that are new experiences. The latest is volunteering more at the local animal shelter.

Jacques the now 20-something black clydesdale is enjoying the good life of retirement. He's boarded at a facility that doesn't even have riding trails or arena, indoor or out. The lady there takes amazing care of the horses, and I joke about how she takes better care than I would if I had them at home. (seriously!) He's still in pretty good weight, and doesn't seem too lame most days, but gets previcox to help a little with it.

Reggie is just shy of 10 years old, and I've had him for 4.5 years. In that time, I'd say he's been lame as often as sound, and everytime I think we're going good he has another period of 6-8 weeks waiting for lameness to go away. I've sent him to a myriad of different vets and taken him to a university hospital, and basically they keep telling me what's NOT wrong. So at last in the fall I finally decided to just go ahead and move him in with Jacques and stop trying to ride him for at least the winter. He's got shoes on both fronts in an effort to see if that helps, and we may try some light riding again in the Spring, but I've reset my mindset with him from young horse needing training to oh well we'll just ride when we can and he can be semi-retired. At least the great thing with him is that he can sit for weeks without riding and pick up where he left off, he's not in need of re-training each time, or else we'd be in really terrible shape!

Feline wise, I still have three cats, Tigger, Pluma, and Murphy. Tig I adopted in 2000. Pluma I adopted in 2003. Murphy came to live with me in 2009 as a hospice case with no liver function and not expected to live more than 2 weeks. Yah right. All three have the senior kitty-itis, creaky limbs, poor kidney function so on prescription diets, pills once or three times a day, etc. But they all seem happy with life, so we carry on.

Fish wise, I have a 75 gallon aquarium and the fish I've had since 1991 and 1993 (yes, you read that century right) are still going OK. But one I got in 2001ish just died, and I'm afraid for the other two elderlies. And the 29 gallon fish tank has 4 neon tetras, down from the original dozen or so. They are slowly reaching their end of life, and I've decided not to refill that tank.

And the newest addition to the family is Miss Rosie, a poodle mix who wandered into my yard in March of 2015. She weighed only 10lbs at the time, and has a normal weight of 20. She's been a challenge, with me never having a dog before in my life, and her being so distrusting of humans and hateful of other dogs. So I've been learning to apply horse training skills to dogs ... the timing is critical, and you have to know a bit of their psychology, but she's a smart dog and wants to please.

Since I'm not riding this winter, and have some recently acquired doggie skills, that's why I'm trying to commit to at least an hour a week to work with dogs at the local shelter. They are the ones slated for adoption, and not at risk of being put down, but all could use some basic manners to help them find a good furever home.

Cheers, and happy 2017!

(short enough?)
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Old 07-12-2017, 03:55 PM   #2
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It's been a while...

Sad to not see any replies.
2017 started out okay. Hoping this year to get training on one of my horses.... Eventually.
Still have my old cranky thoroughbred mare. Enjoying the time I have with her.

So glad to see your boys are still thriving! Other than the soreness in the feet.

Do you still do their feet yourself?
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Old 07-19-2017, 08:46 AM   #3
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Hi Bolbi!!!

Glad to see you still have your old mare. I sort of think that crankiness just comes with old age and the creakiness that goes along with that.

As to whether I do my own trimming, lately it's been more no than yes. Reggie has been sound enough for riding since December with just a couple of minor "off days" that may have been more related to an OCD lesion in his left hock. But the chronic abscessing has been gone and the random fine one day and super duper lame the next has been gone since December.

All of THAT success with Reggie is probably due to using a farrier and putting shoes on the fronts, along with changing his lifestyle from one where he could run around like crazy on 7 acres to one where his mobility was more limited and in on soft stall at night.

So as long as I was having the farrier out for Reggie, I was having him do Jacques too. So I've had a 7 month break from trimming. But now that we've moved I'll definitely go back to doing Jacques myself, and see if the Farrier can get to us at our new place or if I have to take him in to the Farrier, or what we're going to do.

In other news ...

Unfortunately I lost two of my kitties in fairly short succession. Just a month after my January post, Murphy suffered what was most likely a stroke (or multiple strokes). She went downhill pretty fast over a weekend and by the time I was taking her in on Monday morning I think she probably would've slipped away on her own, but we went ahead and eased her passing, partly becuase when she would come to she would get a little pannicky because her limbs weren't working right. She might've lived a bit longer on her own but it wouldn't have been pleasant.

Then just a week or two after that I found a lump on Tigger's jaw. I didn't have it biopsied but he'd already had trouble with thyroid and the proximity to that area said it was most likely oral cancer, possibly an offshoot of a thyroid cancer. So he went on for a couple more months, but finally had to say goodbye in early May.

Since then I've acquired two replacement kitties. It may sound crazy but I did this primarily because Pluma has always been a cuddler. I have many photos of him cuddled up to Murphy or Tigger, but hardly any of Murphy and Tigger cuddled together. So I found Winston thru a friend of a friend. He's about 10y.o. and didn't like their new dog. He's been with me over a month and doing OK but Pluma doesn't like him yet. Then I got Skylar just this past Saturday - she came from the horses' boarding barn. Also an issue of not getting along with a dog. But Rosie is so great with kitties, so tolerant, and stays out of their way. So Skylar is still locked up in the bathroom as we work on ridding her of fleas and giving everyone time to adjust to a new addition thru sniffing under the door.

We all just moved to our very own 10 acre property!!! Woo hoo! I feel a little like I just had my first kid ... something I've wanted for so long, and yet so much responsibility. Yikes, what did I get myself into?. The horses have only been here 4 days, so I'm still figuring out a daily routine for them.
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Old 08-10-2017, 11:22 AM   #4
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Congratulations on the 10 acres!
Is it mostly cleared?
And you talk about the new kitties without pictures, that's not allowed. 😂
Do you have pictures of the boys in their new home?
I use a fourwheeler to drag a pallet to help spread the poop. Before that, used a riding mower.

I'm sorry to hear about your two kitties passing though. Unfortunately lost two myself due to a hereditary disease.

Fingers crossed that your farrier will be able to come out to your new place! Good farriers are worth their weight in gold
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Old 08-16-2017, 12:00 PM   #5
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Yes, the whole place is cleared with a treeline around it at the edges of the roads. Currently it's split about like this: an acre for house, parking area, lawn, and lawn trees, making for about half acre of lawn to mow. Then there's about a half acre split into a little paddock inside a bigger paddock. Off to the north there is a 2.5 acre pasture connecting from the big paddock, and off to the east there is a 5 acre pasture connecting from the big paddock.

Pictures - I have been so busy lately that I barely have time to post pictures to facebook which I can do easily from my phone. Logging onto my personal pc, going to photo bucket, uploading, getting a link, and coming back here ... not really time for it.

Dragging a pallet to help with poop management - I like it! So far I've been picking the half acre paddock only, and that's been plenty of work. I've got a riding mower now, nothing fancy but it should be able to handle some dragging. Thanks for the idea!

Farrier - yes this is going to be a challenge. I experimented the other day with taking Reggie away from Jacques, just pulling him out around the front of the house where J couldn't see him. And J had as big of a melt-down as I expected he would. The brat. He has never done well with being kept away from other horses like in a stall when everyone else was out. For this upcoming trip next week, I'm going to take both boys with me, so that Reggie can get his feet done and Jacques won't run thru my not-so-great fencing.
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