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Old 04-01-2010, 05:44 PM   #1
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cracked molars

I had my rescue mare's teeth floated yesterday and the vet showed me where she has 4 cracked molars. Has anyone had experience with this? He said it shouldn't cause problems unless it were to abcess and just to call him if she ever has swelling in that area. Other than that he said regular dental care like usual. What is the likelihood of the teeth abcessing and is there anything I can do to prevent it? Also this horse will eventually be sold once she's healthy and well started. Will this affect her value at all?
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I aksed my equine dentist that question when I foudn out Zar had a cracked molar. Well i asked about removing it. He said to leave it unless it abcesses or gets loose, because even cracked it will help him digest his food more (by grinding it up before it hits his stomach). The fewer teeth a horse has the harder he is to keep. I dont rememebr any answer to the abcess. But Zar has lived it with just fine for years. This past winter has been the only time he has seemed to be having problems with his weight (he is 20 and a once abused, rescued, then sent to slaughter, then rescued again horse). So when I get my ED out again will have him check out that tooth. Will have my vet out before so will see what he says.
I do know that my ED said that a horse does not have nerves IN the tooth which is why they can cut them off, saw them down et. And its the nerve (at least in humans, lost so many teeth that way.. mine crack eating bread..) that will get infected. So as long as she isnt cutting her gums giving an opening for an infection there to start... I would think there isnt much you can do to prevent an infection.

As far as selling, just make the new owners aware of the situation and make sure they understand it. Never noticed that a hard keeper is harder place then an easy keeper. but who knows??
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My mare had a cracked molar and a piece of it actually came out...

My Vet left the remaining part of the tooth in and recommended just keeping an eye on it. Also regular care to keep the tooth on top of the broken one from growing into the gap, etc.

He checked the broken tooth every 2 month for a while (didn't charge me for that). He actually stuck his finger into the broken tooth and then smelling it for infection YUCKKKK hehe. He also took a good look.

She did have another dental 6 month after the tooth broke off and will continue to have regular dental care every year as long as no problems pop up.

So far so good. No problems, abscesses or infections yet !

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