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Wolfie 06-29-2008 12:44 AM

How soon can you ride a mare after giving birth?
I just bought Honey, and she had her colt a couple days ago. I haven't even gotten the chance to get to know her yet. When is it OK to start riding her, and how light of work should I start with?


luckierthanhelooks 06-29-2008 01:37 AM

This is a tough question, being that you just bought this horse... have you ever rode her? Normally, I would wait two weeks... then start light riding, but it leaves you with the question as to what to do with the baby. Some mares are fine with the baby left in the stall for a short ride, some arent.. some you can let the baby run around the arena while you ride.. or put the foal in a pen right next to the arena... Also, some mares have a hard enough time keeping enough energy to feed baby, and theres no way you could keep weight on them working too...I would strongly recommend NOT allowing the foal to run along on a trail ride as some people do.. I have seen horrible accidents happen from this. Since you dont know the mare that well, (or did you know her before you bought her?) I would proceed with extreme caution.. some mares TOTALLY lose it when they feel their babies are to far away.. or threatened... Did the mare come to your place RIGHT before she foaled??? what a stressful time for her if so. I would think it might be best to just wait until the foal is weaned in this situation.

Faceman 06-29-2008 05:30 AM

Physically, you can ride them fairly quickly. My breeding stock were not "riders", but were well broke. I always rode my mares on my own trails - with their foals - about once every week or two starting when the foal was about 2 weeks old as part of my foal desensitizing training, to get them used to the sounds, sights, and smells of the woods.

I wouldn't advise this unless you are an experienced rider, though. For the first couple of times out while the foal is tearing a$$ round and round through the woods (and they do), Momma can get pretty nervous and fidgety and be a bit of a handfull...;)

breburtch 06-29-2008 06:13 AM

wait atleast 2 weeks and ride with the foal following around. But I personally wait till the baby is weaned and the mare has dried up.

With the fact you just bought the mare I'd wait till baby is weaned off so you can do some lunging and get to know her better and theres no worry of baby getting hurt if you mare decides she doesn't want you on her and you don't get hurt because mare flipped out when baby wasn't close enough to her.

reiningfan 06-29-2008 06:17 AM

I agree that a mare can be ridden lightly about two weeks after foaling, if the delivery was normal with no complications.
However, you won't know how Honey is going to react. Has she had any other foals? How broke is she? That's the problem with a new horse, you can guage their reactions as well.

ToveroMom 06-29-2008 08:11 AM

Well I don't ride them after just 2 weeks-but they may be able to at that time.
I always start off in the arena first to see how things will go.
I work on leading daily as I walk my horses to the turnout so I have taken well broke mares out after the foal is a couple mos old with the baby on a lead. AFTER many MANY session in the arena. I had ponied many a horse and feel comfortable in my abilities to maintain control of Mom and baby.
I do not now or ever in the past-lived in a wide open enough area where I would feel comfy with a foal running loose...hence the lead.;)

sandy42345 06-29-2008 08:19 AM

message editied

sandy42345 06-29-2008 08:39 AM

OOPs sorry, just reread your post. If you just got her, then i would most definately wait. Do some bonding with both mom and baby. I would get to know eachother on the ground first. :)

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