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Old 11-30-2006, 10:42 PM   #1
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Swollen Pastern...HELP

Well... Tonight I went out the the barn to say good night to the horses. Give them there last feeding of hay, Top up the waters and turn off the lights when I had this feel to check on Sunny's (My gelding) right hind legs anyways, I noticed he was a little lame or so I thought. I was not sure because of all the mud. I just thought he was walking funny because of all the mud or my eyes were just playing tricks on me anyways, I went into his stall noticed his right hind pastern was swollen (Just in one area, the outside of his pastern, in the middle area) so I got down on my knees and touch it to see if I really was swollen and if so, was thier heat and yep... I was right swollen, heat and also the first time I touched it he lifted that legs up as if to say, "Ouch, That hurts". and did the 3 times before he let me check it out. He's also not putting much weight on it. I know he had to do this sometime yesterday well everyone was at work and the couple across the road were looking after them. I really don't know why this happened, how it happened, what it is or how I can treat it!!! Any advice!!! Could he have sprained it outside well he was running & playing???
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Old 12-01-2006, 12:34 AM   #2
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He could have slipped and pulled it, or knocked it against something.

Check his foot and pastern very carefully for signs of a wound.

Since it is hot, it may be an infection or abcess.

Because he is lame and ouchy on it, I'd call the vet.

In the meantime, Ice that pastern, and keep him in his stall tomorrow. I'd also give him a dose of Bute if you can to help reduce the inflamation.

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