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QuartersAllTheWay 01-11-2006 10:08 PM

prophets thumbprint
You learn something new everyday. I had never heard of this. I was playing the vocabulary game on here and wanted to know more on this. The grey mare Celewen, has an indentation on her neck it feels like a dimple, or what a large fingerprint would be. I had no idea what it was. I guess I figured she did something to it. But now I am curious because I think it is this Prophets thumbprint. Can you guys tell me more about what it means? I can't believe I have never heard of it before.

snickers 01-11-2006 10:14 PM

I have 2 that have them.
I was told while they were still in the womb,
that at the last trimester, their hoof lays
against a part of the neck, or aroind that area and leaves an indention.
I see it more and more.

QuartersAllTheWay 01-11-2006 10:22 PM

I was hoping it was something cool like an indian prophets spirit that touches certain mystical horses or something that made them special. Man I was way off. :lol:

mysticsrider 01-11-2006 10:25 PM

Prophets Thumbprint, is looked upon by some as a good thing. It means the horse is blessed and will do good by its owner. It also is said that these horses are rare and if you ever find one, keep it!

I also have 2 with thumbprints, one is 30 years old, he has been the absolute best horse, the second horse is a mare that we just purchased, she is wonderful to ride and just to be around.

snickers 01-11-2006 10:51 PM

mysticsrider is right.
My 2 guys are the greatest.

Cowboyskeeper 01-11-2006 10:58 PM

There are lots of people that believe in the prophet's thumbprint. I had one horse when I was a kid that had it and he too was awesome. :D


Range 01-12-2006 07:18 AM

I sold a filly with "Allah's thumbprint" on her, the people have loved her ever since. In TB's, it's supposed to be a mark of speed and luck.

Rocking Horse 01-12-2006 07:31 AM

My Mare, Zip, has that too. I also just thought she may have done something when just a baby..


She is a wonderful horse too, couldn't ask for a better horse :!:

eieio 01-12-2006 07:48 AM

Many cultures believe that the prophets thumb is a sign of luck, speed, wisdom or fortune. It is the same as the old adages;
"A horse with two white forelegs is lucky"
" A medicine hat Paint is a blessing of good health to the family that cares for it"
" You can never kill a buckskin"

So I have decided I want a buckskin medicine hat paint with two white forelegs and a prophets thumb to keep on my front porch! :D

ToveroMom 01-12-2006 08:21 AM

My old dun mare has one too but it alas is from an abcess years ago from an injection site.

QuarterCowGirl 01-12-2006 11:14 AM

Here's a thread with more reading on the thumbprint:

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