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alihspharaoh 10-31-2005 08:28 PM

How long is the gestation period for Goats?
Hey, I have 2 nanny goats, just common goats, and they were bred back in June. I was told that the gestation period is 6 months, but for the last 2 days, I could swear that my white nanny is going to have her baby any day.
Yesterday, she was laying around grunting, didn't eat, and was basically miserable. Her vulva is really swollen, no discharge, and her milk bag is bigger. Today, she is back to eating, but still grunting and miserable.
I absolutely lose my mind during the last few weeks of any of my animals pregnancies. I hate the waiting and the worrying, but absolutely love the results!!!
Anyway, any and all advice is greatly appreciated!

muttduck 10-31-2005 08:52 PM

From what I have experience in, the average is 150 days, (= 5 months.)

alihspharaoh 11-01-2005 07:06 AM

I found an awesome site called
It has anything and everything you ever wanted to know(and few things you didn't!) about goats.
Hopefully my babies will arrive soon, and be healthy and happy. I will post pics when they get here.

ThorArb 11-01-2005 04:03 PM

Oh I cant wait to see pictures! I miss my goat, Kiara (aka KiKi, may she RIP). She was a pygmy (I think) just a tiny little thing. Barely over 2 months when I bought her. I had her housebroken, she rode in the truck, slept in her own bed, and everything, she wasnt your normal goat, didnt like the outdoors much. Even walked on a leash. Sadly she was killed by a dog about 4 or 5 months after I got her. Best darn goat Ive ever had. Miss her terribly. And to think, some people pay well over $125 bucks for a goat round here, I only paid $40. :lol: I had originally gotten her to do 'goat tying' to teach my gelding. But fell in love with her on the spot and decided I just couldnt do it. Needless to say it wouldnt have worked anyhow, considering my gelding is terrified of goats, donkeys, and cows! :lol:

I cant wait to see the pictures! Hurry!


alihspharaoh 11-06-2005 07:20 PM

Ok, I am getting tired of waiting. No babies yet, and poor Meg and Sugar look like they are going to pop! Sugar will lay down and every breath is a grunt! Her sides stick out like she has 2 beach balls in her tummy. Same with Meg. Oh well, guess I will just have to have patience. But I hate waiting.

ThorArb 11-07-2005 02:27 PM

So how many kids do you expect each of them to have?? My friend's goat had twins not too long ago. A solid black female and a solid white male with a partial blue eye. They are just so cute!


mandelyn82 11-07-2005 02:35 PM

ThorArb, How the heck did you house train a goat?? I thought that was impossible!

I can't wait to see pictures of the babies... goats can be so darn cute!!

Can't help with the prego ?'s, my goat is a boy.

ThorArb 11-07-2005 02:43 PM

When I got KiKi, I taught her everything just as you would a dog (or very similar). She was very smart, learned to go potty on a newspaper in a litter box just a week after I got her! Anytime I saw she looked like she needed to use the potty, I put her on the newspaper. Afterwards, I would give her a treat. She put it all together rather quickly! I think the entire time I had her she only had a couple of accidents, which were my fault entirely. :lol:

Goats can be so smart! I was just beginning to teach her new things when she was killed. I let her go outside without supervision and a dog came into my yard and mauled her. :(


mandelyn82 11-07-2005 02:45 PM

aaawww...I'm so sorry to hear that!!! Stupid owners of bad dogs... I had an issue with that when I had chickens.

divinemisselle 11-07-2005 02:49 PM

Gestation period for goats is 150 or so. Here's a link:

ThorArb 11-08-2005 02:58 PM

Yeah.. I miss my goat. And would like another, but Im so fearful of someone else's dog getting to it! Even though my own dogs do not harm other animals, Im even nervous with them! Id like to get either a Pygmy or Nigerian dwarf. I prefer the small goats. Or maybe a Fainting goat. I know a breeder of them not too far from me, although I dont like his prices on them! :lol: They are so fun to play with. :lol:

Have your goats had any kids yet?


alihspharaoh 11-12-2005 05:56 PM

Happy Birthday!!! Meg, my brown nanny is the mother of 2 little does! I am so excited. They were born this afternoon, and are the cutest things ever. I will get pictures soon, I promise.
Now, countdown is on for Sugar. I swear, she looks like she is going to pop!

alihspharaoh 11-12-2005 06:13 PM

Here is a picture of Meg, I took this last week. I will try to get baby pics tomorrow. The black goat in the back is Booger.

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