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Old 07-20-2010, 08:09 AM   #1
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bottle jaw and goats

I have 2 does which I can't get over bottle jaw.just weaned kids from them.In the last 3 weeks they have been wormed with Ivomc,safegarud,and now Valbezen.The valbezen twice in a week.The one just keeps getting bigger,They are in a stall off of the area they had been on.Eating but not real good.I am giving vit b complex.But don't know why it isn't going away.My horse vet isn't good with goats and the goat vet is so high and mighty last time I had him out the goat died before he was 1 mile down the road,his response was that"s why we call it vererinary pratice,we are still learning,And a 100.00 bill.Just seeing if anyone had any other ideas.They are boer does.
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Old 07-20-2010, 08:57 AM   #2
Kid Safe
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The bottle jaw is an indication of worms, after the worms are gone...the bottle jaw will still be there. It's an overload of "liquid" from the damage the worms have done in the stomach - typically the barber pole worm.

You have to find out which wormer is effective in your area. For instance, ivermectin is no longer effective around here. I can't use it and expect it to work. So.... I've reduced the amount of times I worm. Boers are highly susceptible to worms, too. They have been inbred so much, they can't fight them off. I've lost one to worms and had to take two to the vet for extreme treatment.

Okay, back to the bottle jaw. Bottle jaw is indicative of SEVERE anemia. You need to feed iron. And you may have to feed it for several weeks until the bottle jaw goes away...along with the vitamin B. I use the iron tabs from Wally or the dollar store - 65mg. I give 2 in the morning, two at night. You can add raw spinach or frozen spinach, as well as oatmeal with a touch of molassess. All are high in iron. Mine don't like oatmeal unless it's cooked. So I cooked oatmeal, about a cup, added a cup of frozen spinach, a dash of molassess, and two iron tabs all mashed together.

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Old 07-20-2010, 11:18 AM   #3
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Thank you for the info,I have spent hours on the net finding out more then I can from the vet.thats how I found out about the vit b,and it worked on a little one I am sure I wouldn't of saved him if I hadn't used it.I knew what the bottle jaw was from but had never had it show up this long usually a day after they are wormed and it is gone.Our dairy doe did the same thing,hers turned into a hard knot under her jaw but is almost gone now its been a week on her.I wish it would of affected her voice for a few days she hasn't been still since I took the kids away.One of those blood chilling BA'sI will get those in the morning and start them on it,Thanks again.I know when I had the vet before on one and I didn't know what it was for sure,she died as soon as he left.Then he told me he probably shouldn't of used such a strong wormer as it causes the wormes to let lose at once and the goat will bleed out inside.
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Old 07-21-2010, 09:51 AM   #4
Kid Safe
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You can use red cell for horses too and drench them with it I use about 20cc twice a day for adults 10cc twice a day for kids.

Also you really need to do fecals before you worm your creating a bigger worm problem by using several wormers in a row and not knowing what worms you are trying to get rid of. Your horse vet should know how to do a fecal if not microscopes are not that expensive and fecals are not hard to do.

As for the doe that died as the vet was pulling out I highly doubt she died from a fast worm kill. Chances are if she was that bad she would have died no matter what, more likely she was in the process of dying or she had a toxi reaction to the wormer it'self not the worm kill.

I've heard wormers still working and working well are cydectin, sythantic (sp), Levisol (may have been taken off market, is hard to get reguardless)

Have the kids checked for coccidia too. Often times an overload of cocci will occur when kids are stressed for any reason and bottle jaw is a good reason. We have found that sulfadimethoxine works the best for prevention I use it at 1cc per 10#s day one and 1cc per 20#s day 2-10. It's very important to go the entire course even if the goat improves or again your creating a resistance.
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