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Old 07-07-2015, 12:14 PM   #1
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Non-Horse People Stories

We have all seen a non horse person do something that just blew your mind or cracked you up. I think it would be funny to share our non-horse people stories.

Here is one of mine to start us off.

Took my boyfriend and my kid out on a trail ride with my horse. I only have one now so we brought the 4 wheeler and the mini buggy so we could all go. When we got to the part of the trail that turns into thick white sugar sand I told my man to take off Buddys saddle so he could roll in the cool sand. (He love love loves to do that. LOL!) As I am driving along he takes of the saddle...and then everything else!!!! I turn to see Buddy with nothing on at all. My man took a few steps back and said "ok Buddy go ahead and roll".

I almost fell out of the buggy yelling "NOOOO GRAB HIM"!!!! All the time thinking in my head "what are you thinking". Buddy was so confused he looked at me then at my man then took off running like the wind.
I know my horse and I knew he would not go TOOO far but the look of total terror on my mans face was priceless. He started running after the horse in a panic and I could not help but laugh. I told my son to go chase him down with the 4-wheeler and within 5 min my son was bringing Buddy back. It ended up being ok. Never assume people know anything about horses. LMAO!
I was normal....then I bought a horse!!
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Old 07-15-2015, 11:07 AM   #2
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Thank you for this thread. I needed a laugh today!

My father, who spent many hours at barns, lessons, and horse shows while I was younger, actually learned quite a bit, but could never remember the correct terminology.

Once he watched ring-side while I rode the horse I was leasing. Half way through my ride, he says "Do a skip!" I skidded to a halt and looked at him with confusion plastered all over my face. I asked him what that was, and using his arms, he demonstrated a flying lead change. "Its when they're going like this (his right arm extended beyond the left), and then they kinda skip and then they're going like that (left arm extended beyond the right).

He even managed to tell the difference between a complete change and cross cantering ("I think you missed the skip behind").
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Old 07-26-2015, 11:51 AM   #3
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I had a friend out to ride, and told him to go get his horse, just make sure the lead rope goes over the nose and around the neck...he had been around the horse before and seen me do this so i figured he had it and the horse is really well behaved.

He comes back, i turn around, he has the wrong black horse, for one (I forgot we had another one, who was like....a PONY compared to the 16hand QH he was riding. One is pretty much dead broke and the other one is a jerk) he has jerk horse with a lead rope only. And the way he had the rope, instead of clipping it around the neck, looping it over the nose, and running it through the neck loop like a lead rope.

He had it half and half around the nose, then it came back together and both halves around the neck and through the nose he was holding the clip and end of the lead rope with the horse that gives me issues with a halter and lead rope. All i could do is look at him. Standing there with this jerk wad horse looking at me with his ears all perked like "look i CAN lead!".

My friend asks me where I want the horse. I just smiled, and took the horse.
"Horses speak louder than words."

Owned by an 8yo, Grullo, shetland pony gelding. Jasper
And a 16yo, Bay Arabian gelding.
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Old 07-27-2015, 01:28 AM   #4
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My old property backed up to a large park. It had about 10 miles of horse trails, but it also was a popular spot for picnics, community events, etc. From one of the playgrounds, you could just see our property through the trees. You would not believe how many people came up to our fence.
Most of them would just watch my horses, or me riding in the arena. It was a little creepy to see a bunch of strangers just staring at you, but whatever. However I have had on multiple occasions people tell me they 'want to ride my horse', ask me how where to rent a horse, etc. I usually just explain these are private horses, let them give my horse a pat, and tell them a good place to get a lesson. It is strange how many of the people acted like the horses were communal property, and like it was their 'right' to get on. The worst one was a very obnoxious man who demanded i get off my horse so his daughter could ride. He started yelling at me and tried to open the gate to get onto the property. He even grabbed at my reins. I yelled I would go get my gun if he stepped onto the property, that made him go away real fast.
Also people always tried to go into the horse pasture, even though i had big signs up. They also would try to feed my horses weird crap, like hamburgers, tin cans, etc. Once a week i would go out and collect all the crap they would throw into the pasture.
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Old 07-27-2015, 06:55 AM   #5
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I when to school with this girl and we ended up reconnecting on facebook, she was looking through my pictures and saw that I have a horse. She was so excited to know someone who had a horse and really wanted to see HER I said ok you can meet HIM. We set up a time and she comes out to the barn, she keep referring to my gelding as a her. I told her that he is a HE. She asked me if I was sure because he didn’t have balls and boys have balls…. I replied, no they got cut off, with makes him a GELDING lol. The look on her face!!!! She could not believe that he had been castrated, she thought that was only something done to cats and dogs. After the day a the barn she was telling me that she was so happy that she got to come out and get the practice with my horse. Red flag!!!! I asked her what do you mean practices? She happily informers me that her boyfriend is going to buy her a mustang because they are only 125, and that is a steal for a horse….. I had to try to talk her out of it; she just got mad and left. About a month later on face book she was all upset that she could not get her promised horse, because she could not find a place that would let her keep it there. THANK GOD!!!
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Old 07-27-2015, 09:41 AM   #6
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Our horse pasture is surrounded by our own wooded property on all but 25 feet of it (borders a neighbor). We had some new neighbors move into the property that borders our pasture. I was walking the fence and I came upon a tomato laying on the ground. I thought to myself, a racoon or bear must have left this here. so I picked it up and tossed it out of the pasture into the woods. I kept walking, I found 4 more tomatoes, 2 rotten apples and some other random food...definitely not a racoon or bear that left all that. So I collected it all and talked to my husband. He decided he would go to the new neighbors (we had met them prior to this) and see if they threw all this garbage over.

He asked the father of the house and the guy hee-d and hawed around..."maybe it was my son".
Son comes out. Sure enough he did it. My husband tried explaining that horses can't have that garbage, it didn't sink in. He tried a different tactic...
"You know the big red horse?" Hubby
"Yes." Neighbor kid
"He will die if he has sugar" Hubby
"All horses can eat apples" Kid
"No, he cannot have sugar, his feet will fall apart and he will die" Hubby
"All horses can have apples" Father
"If he gets sick, I will know where to come. This is a $20,000 horse; we will be asking for replacement cost. Do not throw your food to our horses"Hubby
Neighbors gulped and said they were sorry.
Mind you, my horse is a $ by the pound meat pen horse, but, they don't know that. It would cost me way more than $/# in vet/farrier and replacement costs.

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Old 07-27-2015, 11:03 AM   #7
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Neighbors, oh yes.
New neighbors, straight from Los Angles. Pure city folks. My horses had really never been exposed to ponies.
I went out one day to see most of the horses practically in a corner, looking panicked. The one horse not in the group was stumbling in circles. When I got her I saw trickles of blood under her nostrils and one ear. The vet was there in minutes, diagnosing a brain injury. We found a spot on the fence that was dented down, this is 3" pipe. A spot on the ground next to that spot was churned up. The only possibility was that she had tried to jump the fence, caught herself on the fence and landed on her head. We fought for a day and a half, she didn't make it.
In my effort to try to figure out how this could happen, I found out the neighbors had gotten a pony and put it in a pen adjoining my pasture. There is no doubt in my mind that the pony, suddenly showing up had spooked the horses and caused the incident.
There was a wide open, 12' gate not 30' from where she tried to jump. It was closer to the pony though.
Without making it an accusation or threat of any kind, I tried to inform the neighbors about, please, letting me know if they ever put anything, living or not, right next to the horses. They got all defensive, denied that the pony could have had anything to do with it.

You don't have to be crazy to be my friend,
but it helps!!!
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Old 07-27-2015, 12:20 PM   #8
Halter broke
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Came home one day and saw several strangers standing at the gate by the barn with one individual inside the fence with an infant perched upon my unbroken 2-year Arabian stallion. They had been out walking, saw the horses, and decided it would make a cute picture. Needless to say, they never came back and signs were posted with a gate that stayed locked. Some people are just plain stupid.

Home of happy Arabians & Border Collies
and one Quarter Horse
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Old 07-27-2015, 04:46 PM   #9
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Posts: 7,722
I would love to know what you had to say when you saw a baby on your baby.
I wonder if there is a sign that says;
No Trespassing
I have a gun and will use it!

You don't have to be crazy to be my friend,
but it helps!!!
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Old 07-28-2015, 12:24 PM   #10
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I was talking to my Vet awhile back about how she came to be a Vet. She said she always want to be a large animal vet and after her college years she went straight into large animal Vet. Practice. One of her first calls was from a woman who had a horse and she needed to have their shots and de-worming done. My Vet was very careful to make sure she did everything right. Afterward, she ask the client how she did. The client replied that there was only one thing she did wrong and proceeded to tell the Vet that the de-worming medicine did not go in the mouth, but in the hindend.
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