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Old 12-18-2012, 12:59 PM   #1
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Location: Lee County Alabama
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How much to charge for field rent for up to 6 horses???

I have 2 small fields I would like to rent out for horses. One is approximately 1.5 acres and the other is 6 acres. What is a fair price for rent per month for horses? Should the rental fee be per horse? The horse owners would be responsible for feeding and watering their horses. Both fields have plenty of grass. I have no idea how much to charge. Location is east central Alabama. Can anyone offer some advice?
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Old 12-18-2012, 01:05 PM   #2
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If you are going to put 6 horses on that, you won't have plenty of grass for long.

What else is provided? Shelters? What type of fence?

How do the owners water the horses? Is it a community tank or each individual has their own waterer? Is water on the property or do the owners have to bring their own?

For hay, what is provided to put your hay into? What stops someone else's horse from eating my horse's hay?

This will determine how much you can charge.
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Old 12-18-2012, 01:25 PM   #3
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Just somethings to keep in mind. Poop builds up, grass needs to be reseeded and fences need to be repaired. If you just have a couple of horses you shouldn't have as much work. Even if you lease it out, unless you have it in a contract, you will be responsible for land management. I did pasture boarding and charged $150 per horse and I provided the feed.
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Old 12-18-2012, 01:27 PM   #4
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Location: Lee County Alabama
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The 1.5 acre field is fenced with hog wire fence and has 1 small covered stall. Water would be provided by just filling up watering trough via a garden hose from my yard. No special container for hay. The 6 acre field is fenced with an electric fence powered by my residence. And water for the 6 acre field is also run to watering trough from faucet in my yard. The 6 acre field has no shelter but horse owner has the option of enlarging it to 8+ acres if needed as long as they provide the fencing materials. What is a fair rental price?
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Old 12-18-2012, 01:44 PM   #5
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After looking up a couple of other pasture boarding options in your area, I would guess you'd be looking at $100.00 - $150.00 per horse per month.

The other places offer indoor arenas, full care and miles of trails. They also have training staff on hand and vet/farrier schedules.

You're offering a place to put your horse.
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Old 12-18-2012, 02:13 PM   #6
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Around here people charge 50-75 per head if they provide their own hay, 125-150 if hay is provided. The last place I looked at was 3.5 acres that had auto water and a shed that was separated in to two areas one for horses to come in from the pasture and the other was for hay storage. It also included a place for me to store tack. That one was 75 per head and I could have a Max of 3.
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Old 12-18-2012, 04:58 PM   #7
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Up here, self care with really nothing for amenities, would be $50-75.00 per horse.

Shelter is not optional, so unless their are trees in the bigger section, or good hills, you will need to build a shelter. Is there anywhere to ride? Any tack storage? Hay storage?

I would go about this as first figuring out what your costs will be to have the horses on your property: Insurance, increased use of power, water (unless on a well), fence maintenance, increased wear and tear on your driveway, and so on.

Then look at places nearby and see what they charge to get a feel for the market. Make sure you compare apples to compare what you can offer to what they offer. Make sure this number is higher than your costs

Consider too, the risks/potential headaches:
1) Owners that don't feed/water. As property owner, you could be held accountable for horses that are neglected.
2) Disputes between boarders about someone stealing hay/not providing hay. Or really any other disputes
3) People showing up with the entire family and messing about in your hard all afternoon.
4) Horse being abandonned on your property.
5) Vet emergency with the owner nowhere to be found.
6) Non-payment
7) Boarders "borrowing" your stuff. Remember you are giving them access to your spigot, so they will have reason to be up close to your house.

Likely better off storing RVs.
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Old 12-18-2012, 05:26 PM   #8
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Location: Arcadia, Florida and Las Cruces. New Mexico
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The last boarder I had was in a similar situation. I charged her $80 a month.
She provided the feed, and hay and salt. There was a run-in stall for shelter, and a tack room.

My brother-in-law boarded several broodmares on his place in East Tennessee for $50 a month a head, but that was strictly grass pasture and water from the creek. They did have a run-in barn for shelter, but not big enough for all the mares to get in at once. The mares had all had their foals weaned off of them, and were in foal for the next year, so he kept them from like Memorial Day until Thanksgiving, when his grass got frosted.

I don't know how far north Lee County is in Alabama, but here in Lower Alabama where I am living (the Florida Panhandle, for the folks from further North), we've already had some frost, and there isn't a whole lot of grass left in the pastures where I'm boarding.
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Old 12-21-2012, 09:45 PM   #9
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You will probably want to either rent each area to one individual or charge more and provide hay as needed because it is impossible to feed horses separately in a pasture situation.

I don't know very much about the south, but in most places, maintaining pasture requires rotation and work. The 6 acre pasture might be big enough that with 1-3 horses, it could still feed them during the growing season without rotation, but the places they hang out, like around the water trough and where ever the herd chooses to stand around will be ruined. It really depends a lot on the soil type, the grass type, and how wet the area is.

The 1.5 acre pasture probably wont hold up well to continued grazing.

Also, how big is the shelter. If it is 12X12 or smaller, it can be dangerous to put more than one horse in there because some will hoard the shelter, and can corner another in it and beat them up. Sometimes two will share a smaller shelter fine, but usually not three.

I am sure you could find someone to rent the smaller pasture for 50-75 dollars, and probably 50 dollars a horse for the bigger pasture, but, honestly, it is probably going to be more headache than its worth... you have figure, anyone putting horses in the big pasture without any shelter aren't going to be the best about horse care, and a lot of times the people looking for super cheap board, especially super cheap board without any amenities are often people who can't really afford horses in the first place (not all, and I don't mean to offend anyone, but its kind like dive bars.. more fights at the dive bar than at the classy place uptown, right?)

If you are close to trails, you could build a few more shelters with small paddocks, some sort of tack storage, and then divide the pastures up so you can rotate and maintain them, and probably charge 100-150 dollars for self care, or 150-250 dollars for full care board, but even then, its a lot of work and a big headache.

have you thought about renting the pastures out to someone with cows? you would have less headaches that way.

Also, make sure you have a good contract if you decide to do it...
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