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I have fed my horses grass clippings for many years with no problem - fed them some tonight as a matter of fact. I cut and let the grass lay where it is thrown anywhere from an hour to 2 or 3 hours, depending upon how hot it is and how high the sun is. I rake them when they are about half dried out. My grass is mostly bermuda, though, which doesn't have a lot of moisture to begin with, and dries out quickly, I don't have any toxic weeds, and I never feed grass the lawn mower has clumped. I also don't over feed them. I feed 1 full wheel barrow for 6 horses - more of a supplement or snack than a meal sized load. My yard is mostly the same plant content as my pasture, so it is food they eat anyway. But, they get more, faster, than when grazing, so you have to be carefull you don't give them so much they gorge. NEVER feed them absolutely fresh - or wet, and never feed them if your lawn mower is leaking any fluids...
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