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Feeding cut grass

We live in Maricopa Arizona and grass is not something that you have out here. Sounds funny but we live in a desert and with the climate its just the way it is. Were also on a well system so growing grass doesnt happen much. With that said if you dont live in arizona and dont understand how things work here please dont comment on that. Thats not my question.

My question is with my horses not getting much grass and there on a bermuda/alfalfa pellet with a bit of alflafa or grass hay to keep them busy during the day. A friend of ours cut the grass in his back yard and gave it to us a few days after cutting it. I wanna give it to my horses as a bit of a treat because they hardly get it. Ive heard something about it being high in protein. Is just giving them a little rake full a bad idea or an ok treat? Again please stick to the questions. Thanks.
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