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Originally Posted by Linebacker55
WOW that little one is a cutie, but she sure does have a hay belly. When did you last worm her? She would need quite a bit of fitting up, not sure how well she would do in halter. I can see alot of Zippo coming through in her. She looks to be a little long in the front pasterns or maybe the angle is off something about them throws me. Seems to have a nice neck so far, but when they are 6 months old it is VERY difficult to assess what they are going to look like in just a few weeks.
In fear of her being wormy, I Safegaurded her for 5 days straight about a week and a half ago. The two pics of her by herself were before that. The one with River (my yearling) is most recent. I had kept her regularly wormed, but her belly was really bothering me. She is/was not even on free choice hay....two flakes of bermuda 2xs daily. BUT, I discovered that where I had been temporarily keeping her had ALOT of acorns, so I am wondering if that could have been helping with that belly as well...???

Anyhow, she is not with the acorns any longer, and I have started ponying her beside my 4-wheeler. She is looking better.
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