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To get your horse fit up for halter you have to honestly find a diet that works for you. Do you have a full range of feed and hay available to you? Many do not if they are at a boarding barn.

Right now we feed our show and performance horses Nutrena Safe Choice, it is a lower startch feed that has 14% protein. We also feed alfalfa mix hay to them, and sometimes straight alfalfa. As far as supplements we typically feed a probiotic type feed such as Orange Superior by DAC, or CRS Gold to help them in that area. Ideally if possible to feed 3-4 times a day is the best, We are not able to do that at this time, so they only are fed 2x a day.

As far as working them, a yearling is pretty young and fragile. You may want to free lunge them in a round pen, make sure you go both ways. If you use a lunge line, get him to go at a hard trot so that he is working himself good,and getting a work out. Do this both ways. But when you start you may have to only go 3 or 4 min in each direction and work your way up to 8-10 min in each direction. Just make sure the circles are as large as you can get them.

If you have other means to pony, be it a ATV or a horse, but ATV is better as the lead horse will nto tire, you can trot them for roughly the same lenght of time. Just be careful when breaking them to pony!!

You really have to tailor the work out and stuff to your specific horse. To win at halter you want to be big, but you need to be fit. That Soggy look is not winning like it once was, they want bigger and muscled horses. As was said, if you need to work on his hind end back him up. the best is up a hill, but if not about 60 or so yards and I would do it several times!

If you need to sweat his neck you will have to be consistant with it, and make sure you only sweat the neck, do not sweat his shoulders like some sweats do!! Also make sure you wash his neck off everytime you sweat, you do not want to get him with any fungus or anything goofy like that.

Groom Groom Groom and then when you are done, groom him again!

I am sure I left some stuff out, so feel free to ask questions. I am sure many people on here can help ya out!! Ron also really knows his stuff!! But it is nice that people think we know what we are doing! Even if they do not know I am the guy and jsslow is the woman!
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