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I worked at some barns that exchanged board for work - sometimes 2 or 3 (or more!) boarders would participate, and the advantage is that it is also their own horse that they are feeding, so if there is one of those "I don't feel like working today" days, they are much more likely just to get over it and come anyways!

The one barn paid $12/feeding, and $1.50 per stall. I think for me it generally worked out to about $6/hour, but that came straight off my board, not taxed, so it was as if I was getting paid more. Worked great for me!

I would highly recommend paying "by the job" as opposed to by the hour - that way, if someone is slower, or just doesn't feel like hurrying that day, it doesn't make a difference to your pocketbook. Plus, no arguments about someone making more $$ just cause they don't work as hard.

My last barn paid me $60 cash for cleaning on Sunday mornings, if I hurried I could do it in 4 hours, but a more comfortable pace put it at about 5 hours (that included feeding lunch, but no turnouts on Sundays).

The boarders seem to care more, which is one reason I would steer you strongly in that direction!

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