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Sweet feed will not make all horses HYPER, just as extra sugar will not make all kids hyper.

But, if a horse has borderline thyroid activity or maybe slightly insulin resistant, it can really affect them.

Modern research has shown that high carb foods and foods that are high on glycemic index can be hard on many horses that are in this category and can actually make them more prone to founder.

Horses break down protien into fatty acids in the front gut and absorb them in the hind gut. Their digestive tract is sensitive and there is not a dang thing we can do about that except try to make it easier on them.

The modern feeding programs developed by vets and equine nutritionists lean towards a high fat/low carb diet of variying protien contents dependent upon the age and activity of the horse or foal.

Many feed companies are now offering non-grain based feeds that are lower in carbs. They utilize beet pulp and rice brans to have high fat/low carb feed that is highly palatble for the horse and better for his overall health.

Studies also show that this diet is very good for the hard working horses that have troubles with psm (tying up) and horses that have hypp attacks.

For our horses that have a light or medium work load or pregnant, the 12-8 works great as they hold weight very well and stay slick and shiny with it. Gowing horses and late trimester mares need a little more protein as they are developing musclar and skeletal systems.

In my opinion, the high fat low carb diet is about the most overall healthiest diet for horses and reduces the risk of founder and other problems. Just because our grandfathers and fathers fed sweetfeed and corn is no reason for us not to consider, at least give it a fair chance, a newer diet more suited for todays horses.
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