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Hmm, I go through this with mine over her ears too.
Not my fault that some dumb cluck decided to ear twitch her and she has major issues with her ears.

Over 8 years I have tranquilized her twice to do her ears-both were for shows.

That is just to say some horses really do have issues and NO they will not remember the event and be trained, but sometimes it makes life a little easier.

Yes-there are side effects to Ace and I would use your vetereinarian. Have him/her out to float teeth, do a sheath cleaning etc. and before the effects wear off get your horse clipped. There are better tranqs than Ace and that is why I would have your vet sedate your horse.

I have heard of Ace being given orally. Dealers/traders will do this as it does not leave a mark for a potential buyer to see.

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