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If your horse is fit, you shouldn't have much problems. My horse has way more stamina than I do at shows. I'm usually dead way before he is , and not that he's a go-go horse, Red likes to be lazy (the ZMGB personality) but these past few shows man, I can't keep up with him .

My shows are usually 3-4 days, and we always start with a nice slow lunge to warm-up for the day, and he is never put up hot. But if I get free time I like to take him and hand graze him for a bit. Or, one show grounds I go to has big round pens that you can just turn your horse loose in to get to be a horse for a bit.

2 day show shouldn't be bad, just make sure your horse is bedded appropriately and your horse gets to lay down. This means putting your horse in a comfortable stall position. Don't put your horse next to two fractious horses, try to get your horse somewhere where he/she can chill and relax. Like sometimes putting your tack stall between your horse and another is helpful, gotta let your horse have some peace!
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