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You Can ride her at home once in awhile, like you do at a show
Often horses in training are ridden/schooled for an hour or so and then put away for the day.
Come show time, that horse, if it is in several classes esp, is maybe ridden English, then put back in the stall, then hauled back out and ridden in some western classes, often with another break in the stall, between the rail classes and maybe trail. Add in the warm up periods, and that horse basically puts in a day working under saddle
Thus, once in awhile, I sometimes ride my horse in the outdoor arena, then take her back to the stall and tie her up with food and water, as you would at a show , while I have lunch or do something else.
I then ride her again, just down the road, or school HUS, if I rode western before
The horse is then less likely to get upset at a show, when all at once the horse is worked so many more times per day than at home
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