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French Bulldog with heavy bleeding

I have a 8-9 yr old female French Bulldog who was supposed to be spayed when I "rescued" her from a woman who owned her for about 6 mos (she was also under the impression this dog was spayed)
Anyway, this girl has c-section scars, is the sweetest dog i have ever owned.
She has had several heat cycles since we've had her about 3 yrs now(all new to us, we've never had a female dog before), but this one is lasting longer and this morning, after about 4 weeks now, the bleeding is darker and heavier!! The vet told me over the phone that based on her age and history and symptoms (none except for bleeding--she is active, eating, drinking, clingy as always,) that this is normal--he says "heavier longer periods is normal for older dogs like her" I am scheduling her to be spayed asap after she stops bleeding.
I trust what the vet says I just want to know if anyone else has experienced this also? I was worried sick! still worried...
I LOVE this dog but hate to bring her out in this horrible heat if I don't have to and the vet says I don't need to...
PLEASE share your knowledge! thanks
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