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just thought i would suggest that you dont HAVE to post... it sometimes is a little hard NOT to after you do it... but if you sit to the trot you should take a lot of the weight off ur knees not all of it as you still use your knee quite a bit to ride and all but i think if u sat to the trot it would be a little easier on you. sitting to a trot can be a little hard if your horse is a bumpy one but if you keep looking for your horses rhythem it should get easier! as for a knee brace... i think they would be uncomfy to ride in as most of them are made for walking... you could however try an ace bandage.... but dont make it too tight or it will for one.. not help lol... and for 2 make you very itchy! lol if you get one they usually come with instructions on how to wrap a variety of body parts! i hope i helped some...
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