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He's had plenty of time to settle in back home again and may be testing you. If he starts walking off, turn his head slightly in a bend. Face the saddle and take hold of the front of the saddle with your left hand so you can cause the bend. Place your right hand on the cantle. Left your leg as tho you are going to mount. (don't even try in this position). He'll start walking off but in a circle, except he's also moving laterally which is harder for him. Yet you are in a position to walk forward and follow him. That's why you hold on to the saddle. I promise you he'll quit after a few circles. Let him straighten his head, rub his neck, then bend his head and repeat the exercise. Usually doing this twice works but he may need a third time. His reward is your letting him straighten his head when he stands. By holding on to the saddle it keeps your rein hand steady and you are out of kicking range.
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