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No, No, no, I don't believe the trainer caused issues. Riley was/is standing to be mounted. Until yesterday, but it is one of the signs of saddle fit.

The trainer, just did the cinch up, then tighten it again in the arena. He didn't yank it completely. He just did in two steps what I would do in like 3 or 4.

I'll try to find camera (again) take pics without saddle, and again with saddle.

If anybody can do that thingy Mark does, marking on the pics, that would be great.

Nipping at me does not deter the saddle going on. The constantly breaking into the jog, is what is detering me. I make a few attempts, if it continues, I put it down to discomfort. I consider it a plus though, that he doesn't blow up, kick, buck or anything else if it is discomfort.

I do believe it is either I am doing something wrong re: saddle or he doesn't want to be ridden. He was high withered as a youngster, when he matured and filled out he wasn't, now he has still underweight, his withers very prominant and back is bonier. He was a couch for bareback, now he isn't. His feed is increased, we were going up hills, he has gained weight and although still prominant, not like they were before. *note* he was never ribby (which is what Iwent by) but his topline suffered.

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