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I live about 45 min. away from Fairmont- I've been there many times for various reasons.
I think they've done alot in recent years building new stores/bringing in more or upgrading their businesses. They have a few places such as Perkins etc to eat at if you should want. Also, they have a wonderful water park, it's large and inexpensive yet lots of water fun! Fairmont is close to the I90 Equestrian Center.
Not to far from Mankato which some refer to as the "Little Twin Cities" since it's grown so much in the last 20 yrs. Lots to find to do in Mankato and if you find that's not what you want, you can reach the Twin Cities is about 3 hrs from Fairmont.
Overall I think it's a nice clean town and I'd not be afraid to move there.
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