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My saddle is the Circle Y extreme performance and I LOVE it, but I constantly keep a broom twisting my stirrups when I am not riding. I figure the more I can get the stirrups and fenders to stay turned in the better! I am good at a walk becuase I can take my feet out of the stirrups and let them dangle, especially if my filly is having a relaxed day and the canter is not bad either becuase I set back in my saddle and throw my legs out so my knees are not bent. Now the trot is where all the pain sets in, the posting kills me!!!! My filly is 2 and still in training mode so trotting is key right now along with the firgure eights at a trot. We are having to work on speed control so its a lot of trotting only becuase she wants to canter all the time instead of walk/trot. All the up down is going to get to me and I need something to aid in the work/pressure I am putting on my knees.
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