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I'm a big girl too...i gained a lot of weight with my pregnancy, my problem though is not only am I big, but I'm short too I'm 5'4 and about 230.

I opted to get a bigger horse, a 16.1 TWH. But he has mounting issues so now i'm stuck on the ground. He's too tall...I'm too short and heavy. (I'm not quick enough to make the mount even from a mounting block) So, we are going to both be working with a trainer in 2010

I'm going back on a weight loss program and I got a wii fit for xmas (its FUN) so hopefully by spring we can have our issues resolved

I have a 17inch western saddle, its a no name, its a bit of a squeeze for me and it doesn't fit him the best, so i'm hoping to get a better saddle soon too.
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