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If you are looking for a 18+ inch western saddle you can get a brand new dakota leather one for around a $1000 plus you can customize alot of the looks in one of those! My sister had one made and she had to pay a bit extra for the tree as it was a special order but you can get them. I ride a 900lbs arabian and am getting pretty close to the 25-30% weight ratio with my saddle and everything. She packs me around great and doesn't ever seem to struggle or be sore unless we go on a long strenous ride and then we both are sore the next day lol. Arabs have a shorter back which they say is better for carry weight so I don't feel back riding her. With my 26 inch inseam I usually feel like I am sitting on top of the horse instead of riding them because my legs don't hardly hang down but on her I am quite comfortable.

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