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Originally Posted by Reshea View Post
Hello from another plus size rider!!

5'5" and a size 14 or 16 depending on the day. I have not had any problems finding a school b/c of my size, more b/c they don't have them here. I ride english so saddle fit doesn't seem to be too big a problem for me, now breeches are another story. Have a couple of off-name pairs that fit well for me, I have more isues b/c I'm vertically challenged.

Ive rode several different horses but b/c of my short little legs it has been interesting, a 14'1 morgan, a 16+ half draft, several different QHs. But my boy Charlie is a 15'3 slab sided OTTB.

He has no problems packing me around and he is the first horse I've found that I really seem to "fit" with my short little stubby legs.

ETA: Oh yeah, I've not had any problems with the horse people around here, in fact I've been lucky enough that they are all encouraging me to show next year, I'm the one who is self-concience about it.

My mum is the same height and size as you She is looking at getting a smaller "old style" Haffie to ride, she's been in love with Haffies since we had our gelding years ago.

I find it very difficult to find pants LONG enough and BIG enough to fit me. Even my Tuffriders are kind of short But all my pants seem to start out OK but end up extra short like I'm wearing floods LOL.
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