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Originally Posted by Pony express View Post
About 25 years ago I had a shepard mix puppy dumped at my parents house. I was about to get married and move, so I decided to keep the puppy. The puupy had trouble walking and after taking it to a vet it was found to have Hip Dysplasia very bad. I was prepared to put him to sleep because he was in so much pain. The vet was willing to try a procedure to cut the nerves so the puppy did not feel the pain. It was worth a try he was a real sweetheart. I'm not sure the name of what he did, but it worked, the dog lived a long and happy life, he would climb 4 foot fences easily. I can give you the name of the vet if they want to call him and ask what it was he did.
Thank you for your offer. I will speak with them, but I got the feeling last night that they have accepted this and will not be searching any further for treatments.
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