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Unhappy Hip Dysplasia

My vet thinks my GSD has Hip Dysplasia(sp?).

I took her in to the vet clinic this morning to be spayed (all went well), when I came back to pick her up this evening the vet told me that when he put her under he went to stretch out her back legs but he couldn't even stretch out the left one. This was while she was totally knocked out! She isn't even 2 years old yet!! I am horrified that I did not notice it! I feel like such a bad doggy owner right now...

I never saw both of her parents(she was kind of a registered rescue). So I am thinking one of her parents had HD.

So I am wondering if any of you know of anything I could do to prevent it from getting worse... we are most likely going to x-ray her hips to see what's going on in the next week or so... it depends when my vet will be able to.

Thank you!
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