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Jules...really nice pix showing great changes!

Sundance.....I just want to add, don't overfeed....start with little rations for a long while and gradually over time, build up her rations....what she gets from you is way more than she has gotten obviously...

Organ mass and internal structures gain weight first so a big belly will most likely be what you see, then as others have stated, the topline, hips and shoulders will fill should see a good bit of a difference within 4 months.....and I agree with the pictures at the same angles for reference in case of anyone's notion to be a good-hearted citizen turns you in...keep track of everything you feed, ferrier work, vet relations, concerns, meds, wormers, etc.

Spring is on it's way so, you'll have that fresh grass to look forward to and get her looking great....but when the time comes, if you have large pastures with very lush grasses, you may not want to let her graze continually for months or even a year or so until she becomes able to handle the nutrients.

Good luck with her, do you have any pictures yet?

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