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Question Starved horses, Judging Weight Gain

This is directed to anyone who has experience with putting weight on a starved horse. My vet told me to use a weight tape, weekly, to check on weight gain. The tape is showing practicly nothing and yet there are other positive signs. Does this mean that weight tapes really aren't of use in this situation?
I have had to let out the belly straps on her blanket a little, a few times; The area directly above the hip bones is flat (not spine sticking up!!) for about a 6 inch stretch, and The bone that feels like it is sticking out in the middle of her chest is getting some meat around it.
Are those typical areas of gain? Is this what you have found when putting weight on a starved horse. Is a weight tape of any use at all at this point?
When does a weight tape actually help?

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